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Community Service

"Servanthood is the true mark of greatness."
"It is more blessed to give than receive." (Acts 20:35)
"To whom much has been given much will be expected." (Luke 12:48)
"Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more." (Luke 12:48)

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The community service component of the SFHS Religion Program is a real-life lab:  “faith-in action”.  Through service to others, all students go out into the greater community to give selflessly of their time, energy, and talents, thus perpetuating the Christian mission of living the Gospel message – in essence, “being the hands and the feet of Christ.”  Embracing and practicing the love of Jesus define who we are and what we strive to do through action and example.

Our service opportunities are designed to help each student become more aware of the mystical body of Christ while reaching beyond his/her comfort zone, fostering a more positive self-image on the part of all concerned.  We do this by helping the disadvantaged - those people who are unable to help themselves and who might otherwise be forgotten - and/or by working with non-profit agencies and organizations that help such individuals and families. 

Five service hours are required each quarter for a total of 20 hours for the school year.  A calendar of grade-level due dates and all necessary forms are presented to each student at the beginning of the school year, and the program is thoroughly explained to each class by his/her Religion teacher.

Ample service opportunities are provided by the Religion Department. Students may find their own projects, but these services have to meet the established criteria and students must get prior teacher approval to assure that credit will be given.  At no time may payment be received; one’s reward is the unselfish giving and the experience of Christian brotherhood.  Also, no service credit is given for any service provided to a personal family member.

Examples of agencies with whom SFHS has enjoyed a service partnership and other service activities are ARCO, Habitat for Humanity, Battered Women’s Shelter, The Wellspring, Meal on Wheels, Salvation Army, Big Brother/Big Sister Programs, St. Vincent DePaul Society, CASA, The American Red Cross, Life Share Blood Bank, Northeast Louisiana Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, Hospice, Life Choices, Angel Food Ministries, Shiners’ Circus,  some telethons, some United Way projects, Blue Grass Band Night at the Northeast Louisiana Veteran’s Home, tutoring children whose parents cannot afford the hiring of professional tutors,  visiting and doing things for nursing home residents who are not the student’s relatives. 

Shopping, cooking, cleaning, yard work, and running errands for the elderly who are unable to do those things for themselves, cannot afford to hire workers, and/or have no family members assisting them may also apply. However, students must get prior permission and must not assume that what was deemed acceptable in past years still retains that permission. 

The school highly recommends that parents encourage their children to choose the service/services which best allow them to share their specific God-given talents.  As an extension of the school’s mission, parents are encouraged to consider motivating their students to generously extend themselves beyond the required number of hours.  Better still, families can consider making service to the disadvantaged a family affair.

The school also strongly recommends that students keep a resume of all community service performed, even those other than (not sufficing) Religion department requirements.  When applying for college entrance, scholarships, awards, and/or employment, service aimed toward the betterment of mankind is viewed as life and job experience and should therefore be routinely submitted as part of ones’ application.

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