St. Frederick is a college prep school serving grades 7-12

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Tuition Assistance

Applications for 2018-2019 Tuition Assistance are due in TADS by March 31, 2018. Any family wishing to receive tuition assistance for the upcoming school year must complete the tuition assistance by March 31st. If have questions about tuition assistance, please contact Lisa Ware at St. Frederick High School.

At St. Frederick High School, we strive to provide annual tuition assistance to families based on need. Tuition Assistance is awarded each spring for the upcoming school year. Applications for tuition assistance are submitted through TADS during annual enrollment. You may click on the Financial Aid Policy link below to review the school's policy for tuition assistance.

Along with the school's annual tuition assistance, there are many other groups under the Diocese of Shreveport that award annual scholarships based on a families need.

St. Fredrick High School Financial Aid Policy


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