St. Frederick is a college prep school serving grades 7-12

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Teacher Directory

Mary Allmon  - Pre-Cal, Algebra II, Prob Stats, & Advanced Math

Billy Bell  -  Weightlifting

Melissa Berdami - Librarian and 8th Grade English 

Delton Dearman - 7th Grade Science, Biology I, & Discipline 

Joni Dollar  - Art I,II,III,IV, Fine Art Survey, CAD, & Engineering 

Deanna Free   - Pre-Algebra and Algebra I

Natalie Goyeneche - Spanish I and Spanish II

Stephanie Hay   - 7th and 8th Grade Religion 

Nancy Hearne - 7th Grade Social Studies and Computer Literacy 

Michael Johnston - 7th/8th English, 7th Grade PE, & Softball Coach

Debbie Lee    -  Biology I & II and Anatomy and Physiology  

Joey Lee -  Louisiana History, World Geography, & Baseball Coach

Michael Lee  - Dual Enrollment World History & U.S. History 

Scot Lee - World Geography, Civics & Free Enterprise, & 7th/8th PE 

Dan Lindow  - 7th Grade Science & Physical Science 

Kitty Monahan - Algebra II, Geometry, & Calculus 

Jennifer Patterson - Geometry, Religion I and II, and Choir  

Tom Riggs      - Chemistry I and II & Physics 

Margo Scott    - English III and IV

Bridgette Tannehill  - Comparative and Historical Religion 

Olga Trejo       - Pre-Spanish and Spanish I, III, & IV

Melanie Trombatore  - English I and II

Terry Waldrop - Civics/Free Enterprise, PE, & Boys Basketball Coach  



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