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What is the FAFSA?

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and can be accessed at the following web address: Please note that this is a FREE application. There are lots of websites suggesting that they can do a better service for you but it is not necessary.

This year, the window for completing the FAFSA is October 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. Parents and parents/guardians may use 2014-2015 tax information. The following link will give you lots of information about the FAFSA:

A question that comes up often is whether or not a parent is required to complete the FAFSA. Although it is not a requirement in general, many universities may require it for attendance. We have checked with LSU and they do not require it for attendance. However, completion of the FAFSA is required to access TOPS, many other scholarships and financial aid.

Types of College Applications:

*Early Decision – This application is binding and means that a student will attend that university if accepted and agrees to withdraw all other applications once accepted. The benefit of this application is that there is a significantly higher acceptance rate for those applying Early Decision.

*Early Action – Is a non-binding application but will ensure a student receives an answer from a university much sooner.

These are just a few. It is very important for a student to check each university so see what is necessary.

Tulane University -- Guaranteed acceptance for Louisiana students if … In order to qualify for guaranteed admission, applicants must apply Early Action or Early Decision by November 15th (November 1st for Early Decision) and:

* Reside in Louisiana

* Attend or have graduated from a Louisiana high school at the time of application

* Achieve 28+ on the ACT Composite or 1870+ on the old SAT or 1300+ on the redesigned SAT

* Have a 3.5+ cumulative GPA (unweighted, 4.00 scale) at the time of application in English, foreign language, science, social science, and college preparatory mathematics courses taken while in high school

* Complete 4 years of English, 3 years of social sciences, 3 years of lab science, 3 years of mathematics, and 2 years of foreign language

* Have no prior college attendance after high school graduation

* Have no suspensions, expulsions, or disciplinary violations

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