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St. Frederick Alumni, Family & Friends

The current St. Frederick alumni association includes alumni, family and friends of the high schools of St. Frederick, St. Matthew, St. Hyacinth and Little Flower.

In addition to tuition assistance, AF&F helps to sponsor events such as Warriors Wear It Well, the PTO St. Frederick Madri Gras, Homecoming Reception at the Breard Alumni Center and other St. Frederick projects.

This year’s Principal Reception wll be at the home of Angie and Bernard Sager. Principal Bob Webber will use the proceeds from this event for the priority need of tuition assistance.


Board Members:

Armand Breard:
Archie Neal Brown: 
Janet Moore:
Randi Domingue:
Leazel McDonald:
Warren Guerriero:
Linda Ewbank:
Randal Rugg:
Tony Tramontana:


President, Peggy Sullivan: 

Vice President, Dino Taylor:

Sec/Treasurer: Mike Inzina: 

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